What is Climate Control?

When storage facilities in Montana use the term “climate controlled” they generally mean “heated”. But that is not true climate control. These facilities are not addressing the key element of climate that causes so much damage: humidity. We all know that our area can have exceedingly low levels of humidity, particularly during the winter. These constant low levels are enough to damage many organic materials such as wood, leather, rubber and paper products and some inorganic materials like machinery, tools, electronics and even glass.

Winter in MT

Any moisture remaining in stored objects will evaporate during our long, dry winters.
Any excess moisture will freeze causing all types of damage.

Spring in MT

Spring in Montana: Moisture levels rise as the sun melts the snow.
As ambient temperatures rise, moisture will move from the land into the air causing high humidity.

However, as much damage can be done from the extremes of humidity, which we Montanans have plenty of. Heated storage will protect property somewhat better than cold storage from these extremes because these mini storage buildings are insulated. But heat removes moisture, so the relative humidity inside a heated storage unit can be much less than the already low levels outside. And storage units that are not air conditioned can experience extremely high temperatures during our hot season that can fry electronics, discolor fabrics, or warp woods, and melt rubber washers and gaskets in equipment and machinery.

montana self storage climate controlled units in bozeman mt

What’s the solution to all of this? Creating climate stability in the environment so that no matter what is stored, it is protected from the extremes that can occur between day and night, one day to the next, or season to season. Montana Self Storage in Bozeman achieves this by adding heat and moisture in the cool months and removing them in the warm months for year-round climate stabilization. And because our self storage units are accessible only from the inside, we also control dust, dirt and microbes.

So when You are Looking for Appropriate Storage for Your Valuables, Remember that the Emphasis should be on Climate Stability.