Unit Sizes

Unit Size
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What Can I Put in There?

50 sq. ft

large walk-in closet
6′ x 12′ trailer
couch & chair, chest of drawers

small business inventory

approx. 100 file boxes

seasonal yard equipment

furniture, mattress set

bicycle or motorcycle

lawn mower, small lawn tractor or snow blower


100 sq. ft
very small bedroom
15′ moving truck
furniture from one bedroom apartment or home including appliances

furniture from two office suites

approx. 200 file boxes


150 sq. ft
2/3 one car garage
large bedroom
a small two-bedroom apartment or house, including appliances, boxes and miscellaneous items

commercial storage inventory


10′x 20′
200 sq. ft 
one car garage
24′ moving truck
furniture from a small three bedroom house or large two bedroom apartment with appliances

contractor inventories and equipment


15’x 15’
225 sq. ft 
extra large one car garage
furniture from a large three bedroom home


15’x 20’
300 sq. ft 
1.5 car garage
a four to five bedroom house with major appliances and room for boxes

excellent for business storage of files, large equipment and permanent records